Deeplora | Cognitive Sensing
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We provide AI based image enhancement

for various imaging sensors

We provide software to enhance image sensor data using cognitive technologies and AI. This allows us to compensate drawbacks of sensor hardware, reduce cost, or enable new use-cases.

RGB sensors


Object detection

Localise objects in scenes to obtain a semantic view of the cameras surroundings




Increase image-sensor resolution using AI, instead of going after more expensive hardware



Scene assessment

Assess quality properties of the underlying data – fully automated

Depth sensors


Depth prediction

In case no depth hardware is available, simply predict depth data using RGB as a source



Super-resolution & Fusion

Overcome physical limits by fusing depth and secondary data to compensate hardware flaws



Object tracking

Depth input can boost object tracking to new limits

Inquire now to discuss your machine learning use-case


Data collection

Receive first grade support during your data collection phase. Data is key, so is its preprocessing and curation.


Let us handle the training of your models. Don’t worry about costly infrastructure and lengthy training times.


Once training is finalised, we deploy your models for production ready use in order to handle high amounts of workload.


We take care of maintenance and upgrading your models to ensure that first class performance can be delivered throughout your application’s lifecycle.